Sunday, July 13, 2014

Healthy Chocolate Brownies - Dairy and Gluten Free

A recipe inspired by Jamie Oliver, using only dates as a sweetener.

Healthy Chocolate Brownies from Paging Fun Mums

If you haven't already jumped on the date bandwagon, now is the time! I have made several bake and no-bake sweets with dates, and kids love them! 

I was truly skeptical at first, but quickly became hooked when all three of my eldest daughters scarfed down some Larabar-inspired no-bake chocolatey date balls of doom. The two elementary aged girls loved them so much that they both BEGGED me to make them for their classroom birthday treats. Who am I to deny them the opportunity to bring in a non-preservative-laden treat to share with their friends? I will definitely share that recipe and photos with you soon, but for now, you can check them out at

Have you tried any treats using only dates as a sweetener yet? What is your favorite no-bake, or brownie recipe? Please share your comments below.

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