Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Admittedly, the holiday weekend is over, but it was filled with fun and chaos, so here I sit, late at night, catching up with Pinterest and Facebook.

The weather was gorgeous, so I got to spend loads of time outside with the girls, at the Farmer's Market, and in the garden weeding and adding a few more peppers and herbs to the mix.

My goal for the month is to start posting more. I have so many recipes to post. Pictures taken, deliciousness consumed, just waiting to share with my followers. Please share my page with your friends who enjoy fresh, in-season produce, and local products. I have so much to share, and am a bit unorganized, so I apologize in advance for my idiosyncrasies until I am able to better craft the flow and ideas on the blog.

If you love Pinterest, please follow me there! I do not have a FB page yet, but that is on the agenda!

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